Living by the BoC Ethos

5 months ago

When I decided to start blogging again after moving to San Francisco, I wanted to come up with a name that emulated a feel-good moment and my point of view in life, and that is making the most of every moment and treating yourself well along the way. It’s about surrounding yourself with the people and things you love most. Life is about enjoyment and immersing yourself in things that uplift you and light you up.

As of late, my blog ethos has been a catalyst to keeping my spirits high. Life isn’t always bright as we all know, but we can choose to make the most of our circumstances. I wanted to send out big virtual hugs and good vibes to everyone. We are in this together. And we have the opportunity to inject happiness and positivity into our days during these uncertain times. By creating a routine that brings us productivity, strength, and inspiration. And reminding ourselves that this is temporary, and to live in the moment and celebrate the small things right now.

I’ve had a few moments of weakness lately (with a side of anxiety), but am trying my best to stay positive and self-soothe when need be. I have learned through my life to grasp on tightly to positivity and see the best in every situation as hard as that can be sometimes. So I wanted to make note of some things I plan to do over the next month to stay busy, inspired, and stand by my mission statement. I’m always here if anyone wants to chat!

Make your home feel like a happy haven! I personally am going to start going through each room and refreshing, rearranging, and making it feel extra comfy and blissful. In total home mode as you all know, so I’m very excited to report that you’ll have plenty of home styling ideas and tips to come starting this week. It seemed like my flower arranging tutorial was well recieved so I have a couple of other videos in the works!

Spend time on a hobby or start a new one! When you’re in a state of “flow” (completely in the zone), it’s so good for the mind and soul.

Make every moment special! Light a candle while you work, have a playlist on while you cook (but really, at all times!). Do some of the things I mentioned in my mood-boosting post! Or better yet, make your own list of the little things in life that bring you joy and pepper those into your daily routine.

Focus on the things in life you are grateful for and stay positive. xx



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