May Mood ’19

1 May

May the warm air, summer feelings, and fun plans commence…

I have been creating these moodboards since I started blogging back in high school, and they still endlessly inspire me… and in new ways, too! As I put this one together, I was thinking about how it’s such a therapeutic way for me to kick off my month. It’s fun mapping out and sharing plans that lie ahead.

Most importantly, it is a moment to take a step back and think about how I’m feeling. What’s my mood? What am I grateful for? What is fueling me at the moment? What inspires me? This monthly thought process is the foundation of the things I post every month. I hope you enjoy them as well!

This month I am in home refresh mode, which I have mentioned this week on Instagram. I am ordering a few new pieces to swap out old things I am ready to upgrade (like our Target media console), and am really focused on that Marie Kondo feeling of loving every single thing we own. Things that I plan on bringing with us down the road when we buy a home. I’m also loving the longer, sunnier days. Reading outside. Wearing head to toe white. Spring and summer feed my spirit on a new level.

Last month I was very preoccupied with wedding planning logistics, but we’re very close to wrapping up the last of the checklist, which feels so good. I am ready to relax a bit more in May, get back to posting as much as I usually do on here, and soak up the last two months of being engaged.

Matt just hopped on a plane to Mexico for his bachelor party, and I have a few days chockfull of self-care plans (my skin and body need some TLC after a few days of sunshine, wine, carbs… totally worth it, but yes detox me) and relaxing.

I am looking forward to reading (just got this book in the mail), organizing (making room for new registry gifts that arrived!), and spending some time on BoC.

Next weekend Matt and I are heading up to wine country to check out a winery we’re thinking about renting out for the day after our wedding. The last big action item! Perks of a Friday wedding, you have all day Saturday to enjoy and continue the celebration.

We also booked our honeymoon to Italy! It’s been so fun starting to dream up our time there… heading to Lake Como for 4 nights and then down to Amalfi Coast the remaining 10 days. I’ve never been to Italy, I have no words that can express my excitement! If you have any recs, let me know…

A few BoC updates! I am updating my shop pages today and throughout the rest of the week. In case you’re not familiar, under the “Curated Shops” tab on my menu, I have a handful of shop pages. I’m going to start updating those much more (writing it here to hold myself accountable!) so let me know if you have any feedback. Do you browse those shops? I currently have an Amazon Shop, Spring/Summer Shop, Home Shop, Wishlist, and my Shop Directory to browse. Let me know thoughts if you have any.

Last note, and a very important one! Shopbop is having a surprise sale and below are some of my favorites–– so many good things and most sizes still available too…

I hope everyone has a wonderful month ahead! Soak up the beautiful weather that May has to offer xx

{ images via Tumblr }