Early Summer Weekends

Memorial Day Weekend is a little taste of summer I always look forward to. Whether you’re staying put or heading off to a far-flung destination (why not milk it?), it’s one of those laid back holidays where ice cold beer and barbecues are the priorities. Celebrating the long sunny days in true American spirit (and ensembles)…magic on the horizon if you ask me.

I am still mapping out our plans, but we’re thinking of escaping the city. Sonoma or even just Marin will do! Speaking of BBQ-in’, this weekend we were thinking about how much we miss these! Matt had a BBQ on his rooftop in his apartment before we moved in together…our first year of dating was pretty much centered around grilling veggies and watching the sun go down. Oh, the good ole’ days. It’s our mission this weekend to make it happen.

In true long weekend fashion, your packing list must be a fun one. I’m thinking slinky dresses, big hats, simple swimsuits to pair with shorts/skirts, a patriotic color palette, and maybe some gingham, too? I sifted the web for some inspo to get my wheels turning on what to wear before this week (hopefully) flies by so we can get right to soaking up the infancy of summer.

Also, here’s a new backyard playlist (that we will continue to add to this week) to bring wherever you may be going…

Photos via Kate the Great // Fashionmenow // Could I Have That? // Hanna Stefansson // Laura Goodall // Hanna MW
and a few things I’d like to wear below…


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    1. I know, right!? I just got back from vacation recently, but I’m still desperately craving more time off. I guess some trips jumpstart you back into work, some just leaving you wanting more. I hope you have a fun one! Enjoy the long sunny days xx

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