My Favorite Black & White Filters

1 October

I have always loved a good black and white photo. Hung up in my home, peppered into my feeds– there’s something so classic about them. I like to lose the color every now and then, and I have a few go-to filters that keep photos looking dynamic. I usually will opt for photos rich with detail and shadows to tell the story the same way color usually does. My two favorite editing apps (post tweaking a bit in Snapseed) are Colorstory and VSCO. I shared more of my editing tips here in case you’re interested.

Although these are somewhat similar, I find that I come back to these three above any else. One that’s pretty soft, one a little more contrasty, and the last one a perfect combination of both. I like pretty timeless editing, so let’s chat filters–

black and white filters

Audrey | B+W Filters on Colorstory

Softer of the three, I use this one the most. I swear it always does the job, and as I’m sure you know, you can adjust the strength of the filer, which I usually always take it down just slightly. See below!

Agent Copper | B+W Filters on Colorstory

A little more dramatic with the contrast. I like this one when an image is very soft and needs a little definition.

B1 | B+W Classic Collection on VSCO

This one I used to use all the time. I love how the dark/shadow is brought up, creating a hazy look. This one is great for Fall and Winter– it makes images look so cozy and decadent.

What are your favorite Black + White filters? xx

Feel free to say hi / comment / send questions x

I have always has such a soft spot for black & white photos! in college (being the girl who carried around a huge ass camera and took photos of everything, even while wasted) I would decide “today Is going to be all black and white”, set the camera and let it happen. My friends were always like Emily seriously?! but the black and white photos of us at lacrosse games with solo cups are so cute and collegiate!

I was the same friend! I always had disposable cameras in tow, haha. Black and white just looks so sleek. It’s also a good remedy if you’re not feeling the color combinations in a photo!