My Favorite Black & White Filters

1 October

I have always loved a good black and white photo. Hung up in my home, peppered into my feeds– there’s something so classic about them. I like to lose the color every now and then, and I have a few go-to filters that keep photos looking dynamic. I usually will opt for photos rich with detail and shadows to tell the story the same way color usually does. My two favorite editing apps (post tweaking a bit in Snapseed) are Colorstory and VSCO. I shared more of my editing tips here in case you’re interested.

Although these are somewhat similar, I find that I come back to these three above any else. One that’s pretty soft, one a little more contrasty, and the last one a perfect combination of both. I like pretty timeless editing, so let’s chat filters–

black and white filters

Audrey | B+W Filters on Colorstory

Softer of the three, I use this one the most. I swear it always does the job, and as I’m sure you know, you can adjust the strength of the filer, which I usually always take it down just slightly. See below!

Agent Copper | B+W Filters on Colorstory

A little more dramatic with the contrast. I like this one when an image is very soft and needs a little definition.

B1 | B+W Classic Collection on VSCO

This one I used to use all the time. I love how the dark/shadow is brought up, creating a hazy look. This one is great for Fall and Winter– it makes images look so cozy and decadent.

What are your favorite Black + White filters? xx

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