My Interview with Brochu Walker

4 January

Tell us about Brunch on Chestnut, how did it come about? What keeps driving it?

From a young age, I’ve always been drawn to fashion, interior design, and photography. I had a few online creative outlets leading up to BoC throughout my life since high school. I decided to launch Brunch on Chestnut in 2012 after living in San Francisco for two years and acclimating to my new lifestyle. I was inspired to start fresh and create a website where I’d document a pivotal part of my life; living in the city, putting together my first ‘adult’ apartment, discovering myself and passions.

It grew slowly and steadily, and after a few years of juggling my website and a 9-5 job, it eventually paid off. I left my desk in the corporate world in February 2016 when BoC began to see promising growth and momentum, and have been working for myself since. Blogging has been something I’ve genuinely loved spending time on, and I still feel that way.

How big of a role does San Francisco, and your experiences there, play in your overall work?

Well, it certainly inspired me to click publish on the domain! I love this city so much. The endless charm, unique neighborhoods, and energy are a few inspiration drivers for me regularly. I’ve lived here for nine years now and I still think about how lucky I am while walking down a street, taking in all the beauty. This city is just so full to the brim of opportunity and adventure.

The location is also ideal. We are driving-distance to wine country, Carmel, Lake Tahoe– a few of our happy places my fiancé and I visit often.

Describe to us your personal style.

My perfect outfit is comfortable, effortless, and relaxed. Something casual meets something elevated. I like to look put-together, without looking too polished.

Describe to us your journey to becoming a blogger. How has it shaped who you are today?

I was introduced at an early age to the importance of creative expression and that has become a huge part of who I am. I need to create and feel inspired regularly–it fulfills me and propels me forward.

What are some things that you consider to be your biggest inspirations or influences when it comes to your blog?

I am inspired by my surroundings on a daily basis. Books, designers, trips, styling my apartment, trying new things, just being out in the world. Even watching a television show… my fiancé laughs at me because I will make him pause to point out something like a gorgeous chandelier in the background of a scene. My eyes are always seeking beauty.

Brochu Walker prides itself on attention to detail. What role does that play in your life?

I believe that you train your eyes! My style and taste come from growing up collecting fashion magazines, an obsession with graphic design, my evolution with photography and editing, rearranging my home non-stop since I was 10. I’m drawn to the details because my eyes look for them now and celebrate them every day on the pages of my blog.

What do you love most about Brochu Walker as a brand?

I love classics with a twist! Beautiful fabrics and quality stand out with Brochu Walker pieces, but what really wins me over is the details. Unique touches, like a cinching of a sweater sleeve, make the pieces feel that much more special.

A big aspect of your blog is an everyday lifestyle. What are some everyday values that you choose to live by?

Maintain balance. Most things under the sun apply, but specifically with self-care and work/life balance and social media. Working from home and for myself has been a rocky road at times, but this past year I’ve learned that balance is the answer–and I try to keep that in mind every day.

What are some traditions that you enjoy during the holidays? What are you most grateful for this holiday season?

I love our Christmas day tradition of Bellini with breakfast, gift unwrapping slowly but surely all afternoon, and cheese fondue for dinner. My future father-in-law has mastered the most insanely delicious gruyere, swiss, and riesling fondue… maybe I will share the recipe on BoC!

I am so so grateful! For my fiancé (we’re getting married next summer, can’t wait) who is the best person I know and my biggest supporter and best friend. Our life together with our sweet pup, Scout. Loving family and friends in our lives. The roof over our heads. Being able to do what I love for a living. The kindest people who read my blog. My heart has felt so full as of late, I don’t think I have ever felt more grateful than I do right now.

Brunch on Chestnut covers a lot of topics from lifestyle and travel, to interior design and personal style. How do you manage all of those things consistently?

My content planning process is pretty simple–whatever is currently inspiring me at the moment, I run with it. The topics on my blog are all relevant to our lifestyle and what I’m passionate about. And most of the time they naturally intertwine. I do few monthly series that help round out my topics as well– like monthly moodboards, playlists, and a recipe or two.

What are some aspects you appreciate most in a good piece of clothing?

Quality and fit always.


Who is it that you hope to reach/inspire from your blog work?

I really luck out with the people who connect with me and follow my blog. I get messages weekly from readers that make my job feel so rewarding (and fun)– things like asking me advice on purchases, kind ‘thank you’s’ for something I recommend that they bought and love, sending me a link to something they saw online that made them think of me (this happens all the time and is the cutest!). These conversations make me so happy and are exactly what I hope my blog and style opinions lead to. People who feel they can simply reach out to me like I’m their close friend.

What are your future plans for Brunch on Chestnut?

Right now I feel so fulfilled and excited about my work. I feel closer to better understanding myself and the ways in which I can creatively contribute to inspiring those around me. I hope what’s next is a natural continuation of the now.

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