Hi! It’s been a little quiet over here, I know. Matt and I were both sick a couple of weeks ago and then felt a lot better last weekend. Matt came home on Monday night feeling off, and I woke up the next day feeling super congested. I had a massage appointment yesterday that I went to and was a sniffling mess the whole time. Don’t you hate when that happens? I assumed it was just allergies since the weather has been so wishy-washy lately, but last night it was apparent that I am totally sick again. We went to bed super early and I feel slightly better today, but it’s just been one of those weeks! To top it off, my nice camera lens isn’t working properly, so I am having to send it to Canon for them to take a look. A little break from the screen was needed this week. (: But anyways! Pushing through…

I really can’t believe it, but it’s almost that time to travel near and far for friend and family holiday gatherings. Since I have invested in a few travel essentials this year (that came in handy on our recent trip to London), I thought I would share! As I get older the more particular I become, especially with traveling. I want to feel as prepared, well packed (work in progress), and comfortable throughout my trip. I also have found that upping my travel gear game is a little luxury and helps me stay organized and relaxed.

Right before London, I picked up Cuyana’s new structured tote, and I am so in love. I highly recommend it! I just can’t get enough of their quality fabrics, and how they team beautiful nude/tan interiors with their array of color options. The black and tan just look so sharp. I have the travel set, too, which I use daily and for travels in silver, which also looks so good with that tan interior.

The structured tote is perfect to bring on flights, but for road trips, I will use my overnight bag and my weekend bag (in the gray and nude). I’ve had these two forever and couldn’t recommend them more. They are the cutest!

Another must for me is my White + Warren travel wrap. Such a timeless and beautiful scarf, that makes for the most perfect travel companion! A true day saver on chilly flights. I also can’t travel without my slip eyemask. It is the only eyemask I’ve ever had that sits perfectly on my face (isn’t too tight), and is so soft and puts me right to sleep.

A few other items in my travel bag: moisturizer and a face oil, a good book, a magazine, pen and notepad (I swear some of the best ideas come from in-flight when your sans phone), earphones, passport holder, a snack and some water.

What are your can’t leave without travel essentials?

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