My Week in Pictures 1.3.22

I had been eying these sandals for years with hesitance for some reason, but since falling more in love with Valentino (I bought this bag over summer, can’t quit studs), I decided to get them. We have some fun plans coming up this spring that they will be perfect to bring along with for date nights! I didn’t have a nice heeled sandal—and I love how these can be dressed up or down. They’re so fun!

The chair is new from OKA! Obsessed with them…

Another timeless winter investment: my love of Khaite is endless. Their leather is just so soft and beautiful, this is my third bag from the label and I am sure won’t be my last! I had been hoping to find a great everyday nude shoulder bag for a long time and this one is perfect. Love the longer unique shape, too.

I made note of the foyer update recently, and the slip cover chairs we were waiting for finally arrived! They’re from The Inside (love this shop so much) and just the comfiest and such beautiful quality. There are tons of fabric options, too! I have a code for you to use for $50 off your order of $199 or more 〰️ KANE10

I got 3 chairs, 1 for the office and 2 for the foyer to mix with the other slip cover chairs. Loving them and couldn’t recommend them enough.

Snippet from the office on Sunday when I had a little time to organize and tidy up while Matt watched football with G. Was lovely! I have been SO excited to get back to work, but to be honest… Grace’s cold, teething, and fussiness has brought down the energy a bit.

Trying to tell myself that this is just a phase, but also realizing that I need to sort out my process and learn to accept that things don’t always go as planned when you are working / taking care of a baby. There have been many times throughout running my blog where I ran into a fork in the road and needed to reframe how I operate, etc. so I am looking at it that way. I’ve only grown stronger in those moments of change and evolution, so here’s to seeing the positive. Plus, I think the pandemic coupled with pregnancy and postpartum has made me a little bit more loosey-goosey. I am ready to buckle up and re-learn how to be more efficient, productive, and proactive with my work days. Onward and upward!

Pretty white tulip moment that was asking to be captured…

Still living in this

I am on a major Pete’s kick. I go through phases where I either don’t want coffee or I am a sucker for the sweet latte. Lately… the (light) caramel almond milk latte has been calling my name. And such a nice little moment to listen to podcasts I love, too!

Happiness is Jo Malone London hand soap (our wedding scent, we always have in lotions, soaps, and candles around our house) and Anastasio Home marble soap dish… I have one in each of our bathrooms and even bought an extra green one for our future kitchen reno! Saving it for that magical day when we can use it.


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