Name to Know: Erin Lane Estate

6 months ago

A treasure trove that everyone needs to know about…

Erin Lane Estate crossed my path one day on 1st Dibs and I was wonderstruck by the selection and felt so inspired scrolling through it all. They are a design and vintage furniture online destination but also a warehouse based in Oakland, CA, located in a historic brick and mortar 20,000 sq. ft. building—it was a thrill realizing they are so close by. To my fellow locals—such a fun weekend excursion! I don’t know the last time I came across such a magnificently curated selection… I became an instant fan on the spot and check their new arrivals and Instagram feed regularly.

I have been on the hunt for vintage patio pieces for our breezeway “bistro” and came across these beautiful neoclassical chairs and am so happy I did! They are a dream—and the sweet green and stripe cushions, really feels meant to be. I am still looking for a table for the chairs—it most certainly has big shoes to fill but that challenge is all a part of the fun!

Had to make note… such a gem!


Erin Lane Estate Favorites


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Ahh! Thank you for surfacing this gem of a shop!

I just found my forever favorite garden bench for our home. I’ve been looking for months, and it took minutes to source once on her site.

Truly exquisite eye!


Ah! I saw them re-share your post actually and that bench was a favorite too! It is so cute… so glad you got that! xx

Erin Lane

Thank you Ashley! Can’t wait to see how you design your backyard!

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