Name to Know: Rose Uniacke, London-based Interior Designer

26 August

Rose is well known for her ability to create calm, balanced, refined interiors. They are elegant and understated yet friendly and inviting.

I discovered Rose’s work via Instagram and fell in love with her dreamy portfolio. I quickly recognized a space I have actually sipped champagne in before, the Jo Malone London townhouse! My love of European style homes continues to deepen with time. I just love how regal they feel. I love how some of her work is more minimal and chic, with the statement of a chandelier (so many good chandeliers…) and then some rooms are more collected.

In the photos below with more to look at, I find so much inspiration. Thoughtfully curated furniture pieces and textiles down to the way books and curiosities are styled. More minimal corners are equally inspiring to me! So soothing. I can’t but help and think about all of these scenes at dusk, with candles lit. Her style is just so romantic and cozy. My goal for our future home.

After scrolling through so many of her photos this weekend, I was so inspired! I had to make note (and am about to embark on some interior projects this week!)…

“I don’t over-furnish. I like there to be a feeling of light and space.”

my best,


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