• Willo is opening up their membership this fall where members will be able to secure a crop within their vertical farm and grow produce of your choice which is then delivered right to your door. I was mesmerized learning about Willo’s vertical farm technology that brings control to the forefront—the sunlight, the water, the nutrients… everything. And just as importantly, control over what your crops never receive: pesticides or herbicides, ever. Willo is dedicated to growing happy, healthy produce that removes the wasteful and harmful parts of the farming process that in return affects our health and planet poorly.

“Personalization exists everywhere except for the food industry; and we’re here to give the market what they are asking for. By letting people configure their own plot in Willo’s farm, we can grow the specific fruits and vegetables they desire, while making recommendations tailored to their health needs. Willo plans to build farms in every major city on Earth with the mission to eliminate diet-related disease through personalized plant-based nutrition.”

—Samual Bertram, Co-Founder

Matt and I were able to taste test and I was blown away by the quality and honestly, some of the most beautiful greens I have seen! The produce was beyond fresh and happy… and even more delicious. We made a few salads this past week and felt like between the beauty and taste, our meals felt like fancy farm-to-table restaurant quality… which we love!

I am so looking forward to following along with Willo and watch as they change the world…

For those interested—this fall, Willo is launching their newest farm and are currently offering limited membership opportunities here! xx

Salad Recipe

Baby kale
Watermelon radish
Slivered almonds
honey lemon vinaigrette (olive oil, lemon, honey, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper)


A big thank you to Willo for letting me take part in sharing your story, it’s truly inspiring! x

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