New Winter Project: Mytheresa

Happy holiday break! So excited, it’s officially time to sit back and relax. I was talking to Matt about how I am (somehow just) realizing how stressful this time of year is for adults. Growing up, the holidays were magical—the happiest memories from my childhood to be honest. As an adult, it’s kind of a logistical nightmare (if you are unorganized like me, haha) and just a little less enchanting. Endless to do lists, trying to wrap up work before the break/new years, I know what gifts are under the tree… but you know, I am very excited to experience the magic of it all through Grace’s eyes going forward. That is the true beauty in the season.

Anyway! I mentioned this recently, but during pregnancy, I didn’t shop a lot, but once I started to fit back into my closet this fall.. let’s just say I made up for lost time. It feels so good to be back into my favorite denim! I have found so many gems this season… why is everything so good right now? Very dangerous times.

I’m so grateful to be working closely with a very favorite retailer, Mytheresa, and have collected a handful of things from them as of late. Sharing some noteworthy favorites along with wish list items below. In working with them, I will also be able to pass along juicy details of upcoming launches, sales, etc. so will be sure to let you in on anything that I think you’ll be excited about! As new arrivals continue to pop up I’m going to save them to both my curated style shop here and my Pinterest board here! Also, their sale is still going on, I saved favorites here. xx


Joseph wrap cardigan
Khaite tank underneath
Agolde jeans (on sale, fave!)

Have and love

Saved favorites


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