New Year’s Eve Dress Ideas

18 December

I feel like the month of December passes by as quickly as the final countdown on New Year’s Eve.

{ 10…9…8 } Pick up our tree, decorate, fill in our calendars with fun and festive plans. { 7…6…5 } attend parties, drink lots of wine, try and cram in as much work/get ahead before the break. { 4…3…2 } slowly ease into holiday mode, turn on OOO, and then without fail every year I realize, I have nothing to wear for NYE. Anyone else? Anyone? This year, I’m hoping to drop the ball on that habit, because I don’t get the chance to dress up fancy very often, so why not make the most of it? online shopping we shall go.

I rounded up some of my favorites but If you have any other amazing finds, share them in the comments below! I haven’t made the purchase quite yet, but plan to order something today! I’m debating between a cocktail dress or a jumpsuit. I love ALL of these options here! Something black sleek and sexy paired with a bold earring, or maybe I will veer into the sequin department? What are you wearing for NYE?



latest shopping finds…