All about a good ring stack—especially the idea of ‘bookend rings’. Saw this snap/snake ring from Fondrae, so cute… and I am not usually one for snakes. Also saved this ring (so up my street!) and this—both brands have such a gorgeous selection. Loved discovering them!

Also in a very big cooking mood. I just went through my very large Pinterest board full of saved recipes, and am excited to give this quinoa risotto dish a go!

I shared this candles ages ago when it first launched… but have to resurface because the new branding is delicious. Side note. It has been such a treat to watch Flamingo Estate totally and completely blow up. So well deserved for all the creative magic that is put into everything they do. I love receiving their seasonal catalog, always quite inspiring. Another shop I will be frequenting even more when we have our new kitchen!

Wanted to alert you of an amazing APL colorway that popped up this week. Metallic silver, speak to me! You know I love a little 80’s vibe / racer stripe / neon / metallic when it comes to workout wear. So these caught the eyeballs. They always sell out quickly, so don’t miss out if you’re in need! This style is the most comfy ever. *make the whole place shimmer*

A longtime obsession with shells—this photo saved from Tumblr gave me a lot of tabletop inspiration come spring! Studio members, I chatted more about this on our journal today along with a fun little roundup!

Many of you sent noted this past week or so asking about my suede todde-hued bag—I saw this more affordable option while scrolling Shopbop and wanted to share! Looks so lovely and timeless! I promised I would be going back to sharing more similar options. 🙂

Hope you have a good day ahead xx

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