Coming home after a busy month of non-stop wedding talk, plans, and then alas, the best day of our lives, has left me completely wiped. Oh, what a wonderful whirlwind it has been, though! June was an absolute dream, now looking back––even the parts of stress and anxiousness leading up to it… I will always treasure. The way the day went and how we felt is truly unexplainable, but I have some time to muster up the words which I am saving for when we get our photos back. I am so looking forward to seeing them(!) and want to write down all of my tips for wedding planning soon, too, but until then… just wanted to rekindle things with my blog again.

I randomly had a dream about a post I did a couple of years ago about flower arranging and it brought me back to the times where I’d write daily. I must have been missing blogging while taking some time off. It’s rare for me to take a week off let alone two! I spent a lot of time this morning looking through old posts of mine to reimmerse myself back into how I used to operate on here. I miss sharing the little things in-between the more thought out stories, and I want to try and shift myself back into the lane of no limitations. This is why I started my blog, after all. I want to flex my writing and photography muscle a bit more and go back to viewing BoC as a journal and collection of everything I want to write about, even if it’s a paragraph about why I love flowers and candles…

In June I held off buying flowers because woah… the last month of wedding planning you see a lot of dollars deducted from your bank! It’s cray. Our apartment has been in disarray since we returned, so I spent this weekend getting organized and decided it was time to pick up some flowers to make me feel a little better. It’s incredible how much an impactful difference flowers and candles make on my mood when at home. They really make our space sing and give me the cozy, home-y touch I need.

We had a ton of Jo Malone candles leftover from our wedding, and the scent (mainly Pomegranate Noir) completely takes me back to that day and it’s the best feeling! They are both equally giving me life this week. I am slowly easing back into reality after the most fun month of my life but wanted to write some thoughts down and give my blog some love since it’s been neglected. I look forward to writing and sharing a bit more than I have been lately. x

thoughts, ideas, questions...

Looking forward to reading it all! Welcome back 🙂