Editor’s Note, 11.19

1 November



The season of cozy evenings, warm embraces, and crisp mornings…

Happy November and happy Friday! I love this time of year so much. The vibes leading up to the holidays always warms my soul just in time for the cold slap of winter. It hasn’t always been that way for me, though. My parents split up when I was 18 years old and from that point through my early twenties, I kind of dreaded this time of year. My sister and I were on our own. But what I eventually learned was that it is what you make it! A few years before I met Matt, I began to spend my holidays with friends who became family and their families who became like family to me, too. I wanted to mention this because I know how it can feel. But you’re not alone… and I promise, if you shift your perspective and make your own traditions and plans, you can change the meaning of this time of year! Focus on the things you feel super grateful for, that’s what this season is all about…

I’m very lucky to have Matt in my life and his family who are so wonderful! Since the beginning of Matt and my relationship, they have welcomed me with the warmest open arms and we have spent our holidays with them ever since. I always look forward to it and over the years we have created some of our traditions which have been so fun. I really look forward to November each year now. So cheers to focusing on the people in our lives who we love, showing gratitude, and doing things this season that warms your soul.

On my calendar

This month is inevitably as busy as usual! Matt and I have a fun date night planned this weekend at a restaurant we love and haven’t been to in a while. So excited, will share on stories! We have a few friends to see as well, and then spending the rest of the time cozied up at home with all of our shows saved from this week (currently watching Blacklist, A Million Little Things and This is Us). Planning a Friendsgiving that I’m excited about in the next couple of weeks. Then we head to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws, which is always such a treat to soak up some AZ sun and then warm up by the fire in the evenings. Such a relaxing trip always. I have some friends birthdays to celebrate, too!

Inspired by

So many things right now! I am in full-on home refresh mode and have been researching and saving tons of things I want to do. In case you missed it, I started this new Instagram account called @dreamhomedetails to collect interior inspiration and ideas. It’s a great little moodboard of how I envision our future home to look, but also inspiring me to inject as much as I can into our current apartment because we will be here for at least another year or so! I have been LOVING my morning and evenings spent with a good book. Watching the leaves change and feeling the crisp air on my cheeks. The chilly weather has me so excited for fall layers and I’ve finally been able to wear knits and boots out and about. Lots of style content coming to BoC this month! Also, I am very excited about putting my gift guide shop together!

Listening to

I created a new playlist for Fall & Winter that I will continue to add on to, I hope you enjoy it!


My new Sunday newsletter is now going out each week if you’d like to join in! 🙂 Also, I want to thank those who took the time to fill out this survey. It was created by one of the two agencies I often work with and really respect. It basically acts as a testimonial for me. I was able to read some of the feedback you submitted and you guys are the absolute sweetest. I was teary-eyed reading through them. I really just feel so lucky to have such amazingly kind and cool people around here. So thanks again, as always, I truly appreciate you! Have a fun weekend x

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