Once a Reformation girl, always a Reformation girl

Not the first, and definitely not the last time you’ll hear me gushing over Reformation. Especially in the warm-weather months, their linen things and array of charming and flattering pieces, always do it for me. It’s been such a pleasure being able to work with them directly this year as I have been a longtime fan. I wrote a post earlier in the spring if you’re interested in visiting that one for details on the kinds of pieces I am always looking out for when browsing their web shop.

I am super excited to share some of my top favorites from their selection right now. The kinds of pieces I live in and always feel my best wearing… x

\White Linen Set Side note: I also got these pants, which are at the tailor getting hemmed slightly at the bottom, they are amazing)

Some favorites

And you can view my curated shop on their website here! x


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