Our Baby Shower Details and Registry

1 year ago

At long last, I am ready to share what was on our registry. And the details of our casual backyard warming and baby shower!

This request has been received many times the last few months, and to be honest, I’ve continued to put it off. Only because I am no expert on the topic, quite the opposite! I am learning as I go and so the things we curated were a bit of friend recommendations and internet stalking.

One thing that has given me such comfort lately, has been observing new moms in the timeframe of their new arrival and the first couple of weeks as they transition to their new role as mama. What has really struck me about these women I’ve kept an eye on (a couple of girlfriends and some internet beings) is that they all have one thing in common: they pick things up QUICKLY. It seems you kind of have to… you’re learning to feed, care for, and keep a human alive after all! Serious business.

Listening to their learnings sounds quite overwhelming on the surface… there so many moving parts! But what I’ve collected is that when you’re in it, you adapt quick and figure out what you really need, how you operate best as a family, and cater to your baby’s unique needs. So anyway, that is my mindset going into this transition. We will be *as prepared* as we can be, but I am ready to go with the flow and change things up/adjust as need be once she is here!

Okay, so first let’s chat baby shower. I have never been a traditionalist when it comes to events, and so I knew I wanted to do things a bit different than the norm. First, I definitely wanted Matt to take part. Since our backyard reno just wrapped up and most our friends have been vaccinated (and haven’t seen our home!) it was the perfect time to throw a little get together. We decided to host a backyard warming and baby shower in one.

We set a timeframe from 12-3 where people could come by as they please. We got tons of burger stuff to grill for lunch and rosé aplenty! Last year, I discovered this cute bakery on Etsy and have ordered from her a bunch. She makes the most beautiful dried flower shortbread cookies, which were perfect for my default event theme in life: garden party. We played my Garden Party playlist, got balloons from a local party shop, ordered farm-fresh blooms from Goodeggs, laid a bunch of blankets on our grass, and that’s about it! It was simple, yet thoughtful, and fuss-free—just the way I like it. Have to make note of the invite we used because it was so pretty!

I only took a few photos because I was so excited to be present with some favorite humans (at last!)…


For our registry, we used Babylist so we could add items from all over the web which made it so easy! I bought a lot of stuff myself, too, like diapers and wipes and those kind of essentials. x

Things on our registry…


latest shopping finds…