You probably feel like you’re coming with me at this point with how much I’ve verbalized the countdown that has stood between me and the beach. Most bloggers will share the news of travel upon arrival, like, surprise! I’m in Positano! Me on the other hand, have been telling you (and LBH, peppering in the topic of how I desperately need a vacation) for over a month…? You’re the best for listening, haha. I will be sending you a few postcards from Maui (a la Instagram) so come visit this week!

I’m so grateful to have a wonderful intern who will be helping me a bit while I’m away. I’m really looking forward to disconnecting this trip and using my phone as little as possible. Taylor joined the team a month or so ago, and I’m thrilled to finally introduce you to her. We have so much in common and share many passions, so it was fortuitous to cross paths. Taylor is based in Colorado, loves (and studied) photography, writes for a local online publication in Denver, and one of her biggest passions is music. As you know, I’ve been cultivating albums on our Spotify channel, and I’m so excited to have her helping me curate these on a monthly basis. A little more about Taylor below and a Maui Playlist she put together for your upcoming beachside travels!

Meet Taylor –

Hi everyone! I am so happy to be here. Getting to know Ashley over the past month or so has been so wonderful. Brunch on Chestnut has always been a consistently inspiring place for me to visit, and I am so excited to be a part of it. As Ashley mentioned, we both share a passion for music. I will tell you, I once applied for a playlist curator position at Spotify that I unfortunately, didn’t get, however, I still think I can put a good tune on every now and then.

With Ashley’s upcoming trip to Hawaii, we wanted to put together a playlist to get us all in the mood. So here’s to sipping a piña colada on the beach… or in our backyards. Cheers!

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Ahh, so exciting! Enjoy your trip, looking forward to pics on Instagram 🙂
And welcome Taylor!

Thanks, Faith, ah I am so ready. 🙂 Looking forward to sharing our time there! Hope you have a great week!

LOVE Maui!! have a great relaxing vacatinon 🙂 You deserve it!

So excited! Thanks, Sarah– have a great week 🙂

Stephanie Castillo

Such a great playlist!


Great mix!

So excited for this playlist! And jealous of your trip. I’ll be heading to Hawaii in summer 2018 (haha). The wait continues….