It’s official—we have outdoor space!

I updated this post as I want to make note of our process now that we have a few areas around our home to design this spring. This winter, I’m so looking forward to studying up on all things backyard living. Furniture, tiling, planters, gardening(!!)… it might be the most exciting part about our move for me!

I’m going to make this into a two part post to kick things off… a visual board of dreamy scenes to get the juices flowing and the next one will dive more into the actual vision once I take the time to collect. Let the fun begin!

I love how our home is very much intended for indoor/outdoor living. We have 3 areas surrounding the house that I want to work on—the patio terrace for a more formal seating space, a little courtyard off our kitchen, and a quaint garden area off of our breezeway.

Outdoor furniture/accessories is not something I have dabbled in much, but I just now starting to keep an eye out and really look forward to when we seriously start shopping! A few things I loved from around the web…


Images saved from here x


I wish I could share our backyard with you! It’s the reason we bought this home. The house itself was plain but I had dreamt of this backyard for years, and I knew we could always design our interior but couldn’t have created a better property if we tried.

I can’t wait to see what you find when the time does come!! I’ll be looking to you for patio ideas!


Absolutely!!! Outside space is key. I can’t wait until we have one of our own!!! Thanks for saying hi x