I’m sure most can agree that avocado toast has become a favorite delicacy. Let’s just say if it’s on the menu; it’s a top contender. The countless variations I’ve tasted all seem to have one thing in common: always satisfying, but also one thing different: no two dishes I’ve tried have been exactly alike. It’s become an art to master the perfect avocado toast, but my number one pick has remained the same, Park Tavern, you win.

After countless orders and raves to friends about “the best out there, ever”, I had to ask them, “how do you do it!?”. Ask and you shall receive, friends. I got the ingredients, and I didn’t even have to beg! The best part? It’s easier than I imagined. I have to admit, it still tastes better at PT, but practice makes perfect. So here you have it, the holy grail of toast… perfectly balanced out, effortless, and about to become your favorite snack to make at home. Bon Appetite!


Sourdough Bread (toast to lightly crisp)
Avocado (ripe and slice)
Chili Olive Oil (you can find this at a local market, or marinate your own olive oil with chili flakes)
Lime or Lemon (just the slightest squeeze atop the oil)

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I experienced the PT Avocado toast for the first time at brunch yesterday. And o.m.g. It’s the best I’ve ever had. Already planning a trip back specifically for it. Am going to try to recreate your recipe above 🙂

Oh my gosh, yes! I firmly believe that nobody can do it better at this point. I could eat that every day. 🙂 So happy you finally made it, it’s the best brunch out there! Let me know how the recipe goes!

I love avocado toast! Just had some for breakfast!

It’s so delicious, and a great breakfast choice! 🙂