Pendant Charm Necklace

As I get older, the more thoughtful I become with my jewelry. My most treasured pieces are ones I’m excited to wear each day, that tell their own story. I love conversation pieces, and bonus points if they can be worn together. A great piece doesn’t have to fall under costume jewelry to make a statement. My favorite right now? My new Pendant charm! Pendant charms and lockets are everywhere right now and are the perfect simple statement. I love them layered at different heights and mixing and matching them as well, even swapping out chains if the mood strikes.

Awhile back, I discovered Rebus and loved the thought of designing something that’s meaningful. Rebus is known for their customization and amazing signet rings, but they also offer beautiful pendant necklaces as well. You can pick your own design, the shape of the pendant, color, and length of the necklace. I loved the oval shape and went with a design I had saved on Pinterest. Elephants are my favorite animal and love that they’re a symbol of strength and luck. I’ve been wearing it ever since it arrived and has quickly become my favorite.

The design choices are endless; a family crest, initials, a favorite pin (if you’re like me), anything really. I personally love the idea of finding a design you love and making it your own. I also loved the idea of something like this or this with my initials.

A closer look….


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  1. This is such a beautiful necklace and idea. I’m considering getting my new (married!) initials! Can you share what chain you chose and the type of engraving? Yours is beautiful and would love to get something similar!

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