Notes on Personal Growth

24 February

Personal growth has been a trending topic in my mind lately. I have a birthday coming up (turning 28 in early March), so I’ve been reflecting on what my twenties have taught me as I inch closer to 30. I thought I would share with you what’s goin’ on up there, and the things that have stood out to me these past few years.

27 was a pivotal year for me. I moved in with my boyfriend, realized what I was meant to be doing, took action and now focus solely on my blog. These were all huge moments of growth for me, and I am still getting into a swing of how to structure my every day, and what things I need to focus on to continue to learn and grow. It’s crazy to think that this blog post would be entirely different if I didn’t make the jump a few weeks back. It’s been an amazing month so far, but I have to tell you, it’s also scary! I’ve never managed myself before, so it’s completely new and at times I think, “where do I even begin?”. I have to take action on a daily basis to make sure I am keeping Brunch moving forward in unique and inspiring ways.

I think with my career, it will come with time, and I will learn what works best for me and how to continue to drive my own business fearlessly. Going off of that, the younger me would have a completely different mindset right now, I used to worry about everything. I felt like a lost puppy half the time when I was 23 because everything scared me and it brought a whole lot of unnecessary stress into my life. Having been through that phase taught me so much, and I’m now so much more relaxed when things are presented to me that could potentially be stressful. It’s one thing I can appreciate about getting older; you start to care less and less about the little unimportant things. You just deal with it and move on.

I’ve discovered that growing into my late twenties means having a few very close friends and a lot of acquaintances. You learn to foster genuine friendships and let go of those who bring negativity into your life. I stand firm by this and am so cautious. Don’t get me wrong, I love meeting new people, but I’ve let some people in in the past who didn’t impact my life positively, so that’s where you have to be careful. As I get older, quality versus quantity becomes more and more relevant to my daily life and choices.

As for my relationship, it’s the first one in my life where my heart is full, and it makes me a better person. We have all settled before – seriously, the worst idea. It’s cringe-worthy to me looking back on my younger self when I’d think “well, it’s not what I pictured, but I’m currently happy and content and can make it work”. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if weren’t for the fortuitous reasons those relationships ended because I wasn’t true to myself. Being in a relationship that feels like a partnership, and spending my life with someone who has become my best friend has been the highlight of my twenties by far. I, 100%, have become a better person, communicator, friend, and girlfriend because of my positive relationship.

I think the phrase stay true to yourself  sums this whole ramble-fest up. Following your gut on every level of life will unfold in your favor. The moment I decided to do so, I began to notice a change. Plus, once you start to listen to your instincts and do what makes you happy, things work out naturally, and you will grow into the person you’re meant to be. I’m oddly not sad that I am turning a year older – I’ve heard many times that 30’s are the best years, and I am starting to get a glimpse of it.

I’m excited to feel at peace with where I’m at in life and feel like it will be easier for me to share pieces of my journey now that I am clear minded and on a path I’m happy to be on. I encourage you to go with your gut always, and if you’re not 100% happy in a certain area of your life, make a change. Also, just know that it’s totally normal to feel a little lost at times and maybe not know direction, but you’ll figure it out – just continue doing what makes you happy, #YOLO is real. 😉

What about being in your twenties has stood out to you? Best lessons learned so far? Would love to know. Thanks for listening. 🙂 x

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