In San Francisco, there are always new dining and watering hole gems popping up, but it’s a treat when something especially unique comes along. Meet Media Noche– a quick (and absolutely tasty) bite in the Mission District. The Cuba meets Miami vibes replete the walls, tiles, and even the dishware– making it quite hard to not pull out your phone as fast as humanly possible. Before you even walk in, this little corner of the street screams fun.

Not only does it evoke a weekend state of mind when walking in, it’s also a party in your mouth. Everything was so flavorful! It’s not every day you meet a new spot that (right away) nailed their menu, but it sure seems like they did. So, let me talk more about the food because marveling over the pretty décor definitely led to working up an appetite.

You know when you try something so simple and yet it goes way beyond your taste bud’s expectations? Well truly, this place really did it for me. The veggie empanada was so rich and creamy, the croquettes were phenomenal and the sauce that goes with it… I must have the recipe. We also go the plantation chips with Verde salsa (anther must) and the Meyer lemon and pineapple sangria, I mean hello.

Here are a few photos to help paint a better picture of the cuteness that is Media Noche

I hope you have a fun weekend! x

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cute! sf has such great places to eat (and instagram) 😉

This needs to open in my neighborhood! It’s far (well, coming from a jaded SF-er), but SO cute!

Stephanie Castillo

Way too cute, love it! Will have to save for when I’m in SF 🙂