Perfume of Note: Beachwalk by Maison Margiela

6 June

Growing up, I was a beach baby. We’d spend summers visiting my grandma on the East Coast and would dedicate hours by the water. As you know, last month we spent a week in Maui soaking in the sun, a welcoming trade from the lack of warm weather San Francisco was offering. I instantly felt a connection to beachside lifestyle. I felt a sense of home. It had been years since I felt the way I did sitting in the sand and taking in the salty air. I had to pause and relish in that moment because it brought back so many memories.

Summer has always been an obsession of mine; tanned and salty skin, shorts and sandals, freckles, warm evenings with crisp wine. I’m certain the best memories are made around long summer days. San Francisco beach days are far and few between, but luckily the weather has been beautiful this week, so I made my way over to Crissy Beach for the afternoon. Even though June gloom took over that afternoon, it still felt so good just being there. I decided to make more of an effort to visit whenever the weather permits over the next few months.

After Maui, rejuvenated and inspired by all warm weather things, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Sephora and find a new summer scent. As a total sucker for great branding (and eyes leading me right to the keyword I was looking for), I met a perfume that smelled like the beach (in the cutest apothecary bottle, ever), Replica Beach Walk by Maison Margiela. One sampled spritz later and it had to be mine.

Beach Walk is fresh and radiant– very different from the typical sweet and musky scents I gravitate towards, but equally addicting. It has notes of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, and pink pepper. There’s a little musk in there (requisite) and evokes a familiar but forgotten moment—a walk along a sandy beach. My girlfriend who came over this week noticed it right away and asked what it was, agreed it smelt like summer in a bottle, and ordered it for herself.

I love the smell, but what I love most is that when I wear it, it’s like déjà vu to summers growing up.

 Sephora’s selection of niche and cool perfumes always opens my eyes to new brands with interesting stories. They have always been my go-to to find new and unique scents, so I linked to my top favorites for summer below…. What’s your favorite summer scent?

We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail
or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.
 –John F. Kennedy

A big thank you to Sephora for collaborating on this post.


yum, ill definitely be trying out that scent. my favorite still tends to be Beach by Bobbi good! anything that smells like summer in a bottle is my go-to 🙂


I work right by a Sephora… going to go smell this one today have been looking for something to bring with me to the East Coast this summer. Thanks for the recommendation!

Let me know what you think! x