Things of Note | Ribbed Tees

30 November

I thought it was a great time to wax poetic on ribbed tees, as they are starting to take over the entirety of my basics drawer. I’ve been wearing them non-stop as of late. Necessity! I got this Simon Miller ribbed long sleeve this spring and it reminded me how much I love this style threading. It’s so chic, and when in the form of a slim fitting tee, is so flattering.

I got this red tee from Baldwin earlier this fall and adore it so much, so slowly over the months have accumulated all of the other colors they have (white and black are on their way to me now!). It is without a doubt worth the price and is so beautiful and soft. I went up a size just to give a tiny more room, which worked out perfectly…

Another noteworthy mention is the cashmere joggers. Oh my gosh, they are the dreamiest… and a dangerous option for me to have on hand working from home…

Two more things of note that I just bought and are amazing– these long sleeve cuties (got black and tan) and this white ribbed teeThis is meme playing in my mind right now, haha. Have a great weekend! x