Although this time of year brings a bit of an identity crisis to my wardrobe (fall buys held back by Indian Summer temps), I love the challenge of transitional dressing. I’d say that one thing that’s pretty strong in my closet are silk cami’s of many hues, to help with the balance that is, San Francisco dressing. I came across this top on Shopbop and quickly fell in love with everything by the brand, Capulet. I had two things in my cart, the top I’m wearing and these checkered pants, without realizing they were by the same brand. I visited their website after and love everything they create, you have to check them out! These will be making an appearing on the blog soon, just need a slight altering first.

I also really love their dresses, which are the same style as the top. The silhouette is beautiful and reminds me of my mom’s old 80’s nightgowns. The straps are my favorite part. They’re just so sleek and feminine, making this perfect for date night. So far, I’ve paired it with black jeans, a denim skirt, and a floral maxi skirt. It’s so versatile and keeps things looking elevated, even when teamed with jeans.

Top | Capulet (more options here)
Denim | J Brand
Bag | Mansur Gavriel
Necklace | Missoma London


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I have a hanger in my closet that is for my black tanks. I have 3 which isn’t THAT many but I still laugh at is every time I reach for it.

Ha! I have so many variations of black tanks…. strap, neckline, fabric. Can’t have enough over here apparently.

Mary-Katherine Minnis

Such a simple but chic outfit! You always seem to nail that combo and this is no different. Plus, that lighting, I am dying over how gorgeous these pictures turned out!

xo Mary-Katherine

Aww, thank you so much, Mary-Katherine… that means a lot. I appreciate the sweet comment 🙂 xx