When Spring Hits San Francisco

When spring hits San Francisco, it’s pure magic. It feels like the whole city comes alive on those rare warm/no wind days. The streets are busier, it’s harder to find a seat al fresco, and if you visit a park midday during the week, you’d sense that there were a bevy of Ferris Bueller’s out there. This Wednesday, I was one of them! I couldn’t help but give myself a little spring break from my laptop and wander around in the sunshine.

A friend of mine was in town and the sun was out, so we decided to make a day of celebrating the first official week of spring by spending as much time outside as we could. We popped over to 20th Century Cafe to start the morning with homemade bagels (with cream cheese, avocado, and cucumbers) and coffee and then made our way to Pac Heights for a nice long walk.

We walked down the hill back towards the Marina to check out a new artisan goods shop on Union Street, which if you’re a local, you must check out The Epicurean Trader! As if our day wasn’t picturesque enough with all the mansions we passed, this shop was the icing on the cake to an inspiring day. It’s kind of like a Dean & Deluca, but dare I say (maybe) better? We decided on a few things to bring home to make a cheese plate– warning, it is quite hard to leave there empty-handed.

My favorite part of spring is definitely being able to spend more time outside. I love planning fun lunches or a picnic in the park whenever I can. Slipping into a California tuxedo, and sitting down at the park or walking to a friend’s with goodies in tow makes me happy, and is the best way to catch up. This is how I will be spending the coming weekends!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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