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The sunshine this week is giving me life 🕶️

Beautiful weather always has such a powerful impact on me, especially as of late. You know that feeling you get when the season truly shifts to warmer, longer days? There’s this buzzing, happy energy in the air. This week I’ve realized that magical spring-feeling is very strong because I felt it even amidst, life as we know it, in limbo right now. My battery feels recharged, which was very much needed! Highly recommend opening the windows, sitting in a sunny spot, in your backyard, or on your roof because it’s rejuvenating.

This past month as we’ve all holed up at home and have patiently been feeling out what’s to come, I have been focusing on adjusting to our new normal and spending time on home projects and content. But I’ve really missed chatting about spring style! I started to dabble in that discussion a couple of months back (as I do, prematurely each winter), but I am excited to open that conversation back up. I feel like we’re all adjusted now to our daily lives (as best we can) and I don’t know about you, but I am ready to ditch the lounge for a bit. Spring and summer clothes make me so happy! Just another way to boost our mood and give us a semblance of normalcy!

That said, I am so happy to be working with Verishop again, as they have become one of my favorite go-to retailers. They house some of my closet mainstay brands like Agolde, IRO, Janessa Leoné, Vince―and even beauty and home brands like Joanna Vargas (obsessed with her serums), Cire Trudon, Hay and many more. I’m always discovering new brands through them as well, they are just so good at handpicking the quality, timeless things. It’s also so nice that they offer such quick shipping, free returns, and price matching! The best.

I curated my top favorites from their site and am so excited to share that they are currently running a 25% off promo for women’s apparel and accessories with the code Womens25.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy! x


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