While the rain taps lightly at our windows this morning (I mean it’s better than them shaking, which happens and kept us up all night recently, le sigh), I continue to dream of warm spring things and colors currently inspiring me. Rich hues like cognac suede and oatmeal straw. Neutrals and metallics playing off of each other, and effortless details to slip into. You can shop the look below!

Hawaii seems so far away, but there’s endless inspiration leading up to stepping off the plane– Pinterest and building my S/S wish lists will have to do for now. There are a few things I always start to crave come this time of year…

iced lattes
bonfires at the beach
bbq’s… the ultimate warm weather happiness.
morning walks with scout
denim shorts
sunkissed skin (very much missing this right now. so pale)
good books on a blanket under the palms at fort mason
alfresco meals and dinner parties
lake tahoe trips
Tulum in the late summer (cannot wait to go back! it’s been 5 years!)


Feel free to say hi / comment / send questions x

Ugh, all of this sounds so good! Especially denim shorts and iced lattes. I can’t wait for spring!


I know, right! I cannot wait for that combination!


Literally e v e r y t h i n g! Spring doesn’t last long here in South Carolina (since summer starts around April), so I’m determined to enjoy spring while it lasts!

Aw, well I’ve never been but looks absolutely darling! Lucky girl! Enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

I am SO torn on that bag- I almost ordered it last week and then my friend told me she thought it looked like a lunch pail hahah

I know, I love the idea of it, but it’s everywhere now, so going to use it as inspiration to find something just as unique looking!

Thanks lady! I am so ready to put winter clothes away.

OMG THOSE SHOES. I’m obsessed. I have the bag and the bracelet and love both!! I’m so anxious to be able to actually use the bag…. is winter over yet?

I KNOW! So cute, and they come in such darling colors. I dieeee

Stephanie Castillo

Such great picks, love all those items for spring!



Thanks, Steph! x

Oh I want E V E R Y T H I N G ! (especially that Cult Gaia bag – it’s just so lovely!) Tip: if you’re looking for chic alternatives I’ve been scrolling down this site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Seagrasstotes – so many pretties! :-*

Wish you a lovely Tuesday!



I know, it’s so pretty! I want them to make more in different shapes/styles!

Also, so funny you mention that store because I actually just got one of their bags in the mail! Loving it!


Oh my god that champagne photo is everything! Love it all!

I know, it’s from a Rue Magazine shoot and I die over it!