Staples and Statements for Spring

14 February

To me, spring style is all about combining quality staples and fun statements. Tie them harmoniously together to create an effortlessly cool wardrobe, and you’ll be happy with your outfits all season long. I live in denim, so that’s where I like to begin. Chambray, vintage cropped jeans, off the shoulder tops– denim in all forms are the perfect, breathable layering piece for warmer months. I also like to scout out a few dainty jewelry pieces, spring bags, and obviously– all the straw I can find.





When it comes to statements, I’m very picky with what I bring home. I’m not very loud in this genre, but I do love adding a little splash to an outfit. Plus, I’m learning to experiment a bit more and have fun with accessories! A unique fabric, fun color pop, or interesting sleeve– something that stands out above the norm and gives your outfit personality. As you know, I’m a very big shoe and hat person, so both are where I like to add a punch. Or an amazing embroidered jacket – that I can always stand behind. I usually keep my bags pretty simple, but sometimes a colorful clutch will win me over. Love this pink one below!





How do you approach the season shift to spring?