Style Update: Linen

20 April

I simply believe that life is better in linen. We just updated our bedding to Cultiver’s linen duvet and sheet set (and won’t be turning back…but more on that later) and it has become more prominent in my closet as well. I mentioned here how I’ve had my eye on this white top from St. Agni for awhile, and it finally made its way into my closet and I’m already planning to order it in black (also, how cute is this while we’re at it?). I am such a fangirl of the brand, everything they do is just so right (i.e. my new shoes).

My love for linen knows no bounds– it’s breathy, effortless, and synonymous with summer’s ease. I’m always looking for a few crisp white tops to pair with vintage denim and a simple sandal over summer and this one is just perfect. I also love linen in the form of a dress or an undone button up over swimwear. Maybe a pair of linen culottes, a simple black cotton tank, and heels? (all boxed ticked ‘yes’!)

You know that feeling when you wear something that just makes you feel ready to take on anything because it’s so you, plus chic and comfortable? That’s how I feel when I’m wearing an outfit like this.


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