Summer Dress Season

I’ve been thinking about how I started to slowly collect things for spring and summer and how they’ve just been hanging in my closet (honestly forgot about some) and how now is actually the perfect time to get dressed up and feel all the good feels. This time of year is always magical, there’s typically a happy buzzing energy in the air, so let’s not allow anything to stand in the way of an energizing season shift. I thought I would put together a little dress roundup since I’ve come across so many cuties as of late.

The featured dresses I got in February (as some of you may remember) so the white one seems to be sold out, but I found a really chic hybrid of the two! My white dress but the longer version with the print of my long dress. SO cute. I plan to continue to edit and build this post out over the next few months as I find gems, so be sure to check back!

Saved lately

& Some more

Have the best weekend! xx


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