Summer Ease Essentials

With summer firmly in the air, I thought I would highlight my thoughts on warm-weather essentials…. and because sweatpants have really lost their appeal.

When it comes to the stuff I want to wear all summer long, I can pretty much sum it up as easy and versatile. Always straw in some shape or form and fun sunnies as the cherry on top… and I feel my best.

I have been building upon my style shop the past week or so and have saved quite a lot of summery things, so wanted to share the goods. This is pretty much the gist of what I look for in a summer wardrobe. Also, in case you didn’t know, I have a place I like to shop page (it’s in my shop dropdown menu), which I list places I browse on the reg.

I like the equation of 2/3 parts investment and 1/3 part affordable finds each season. I am a major minimalist in summer—perhaps it’s because I am a San Franciscan and they are usually short-lived, but I also truly believe in less is more and if you collect a handful of quality versatile things, you can easily create ever-revolving looks with what you’ve got.

all the linen

I just might boldly state that linen is my favorite fabric—so this time of year it’s where my eyes always take me. Wrinkles definitely come with the territory, but summer is all about letting little things like that go. Personally, a linen wrinkle always reminds me of European summer getaways… and I am all for that vibe.

In my opinion, if you have a pair of linen pants you love, linen shorts, and a bevy of dresses and tops, you are gold.

basic, and necessary

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about summer dressing it’s that easy throw-on things make a wardrobe go ’round.

Easy throw-on dresses and jumpsuits

What I reach for the most! Still fully and completely president of the smock club. There’s something about it that I can’t get enough of, but if I had to pin down one thing, it’s always so flattering when done right.

Also, I will always be an advocate of square-neck pieces…


I’m a basket case at this point with the number of woven things in my clutches, but I have come to rely on them all season (and beyond). Here are some of my favorites…


Sunnies that feel a bit OTT, but end up putting the perfect touch on a neutral linen ensemble…


Jewelry has become more of a priority to me over the last year or so to invest in things slowly over time. I find that everything my eye gravitates to (case in point below), go so well together, so layering has become a fun daily ritual while getting dressed for the day (when I do, that is)…


I did a big roundup of sandals recently here

On a big closet kick right now, so more to come! xx


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