Winery Train: The Terraces, Alpha Omega, and William Hill

1 November

I have to say, this was my favorite Halloween to date– sipping wine with good friends at The Terraces, Alpha Omega, and William Hill Estates. I’m not the biggest fan of celebrating in true costume style, so decided to plan a wine trip up to Napa instead in hope that some friends may be on the same page. It was a success! A bunch of us visited 3 wineries and enjoyed the amazing 80-degree temps, accompanied by beautiful fall foliage. Our first stop was The Terraces Winery. Apparently, they don’t usually host large tastings, but because my good friend is a member, they let us join them for an early afternoon on their deck. I loved this experience – it was like sitting in a friends backyard. They were so warm, welcoming, funny, and shared with us 6 of their best selling wines. I ended up taking home their Zin (so delicious) and chardonnay.

The next winery on our route was Alpha Omega, a crowd favorite. Picturesque setting, amazing wine, and every time we go here – it’s hard not to play favorites. We sat by the the fountain and vineyards, sipped wine, and had lunch in the sun. It was my kind of Saturday to a tee. After Alpha Omega, we ended our day at William Hill. William Hill Chardonnay was the first wine I ever fell in love with (during my buttery chardonnay phase of life many years ago), so I always love making a trip here. We sat at their picnic tables the align their hilly vineyards, and snacked on bread + olive oil, and snapped a bunch of photos. It’s hard not to when you have this much beauty surrounding you!








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