I’m about to hop in the car to head to Sonoma for the afternoon (woo! come follow along on Instagram), but I wanted to write a quick thank you note. After sharing this earlier in the week I got such a nice response, and it made my day. There are so many times when I am chatting back and forth with a reader and I think… I want to be friends with you. You guys are awesome.

But anyway, I’m glad my (essay) post wasn’t too choppy. It took many revisions to articulate my thoughts. I’m excited to be more open (more often) with you on a personal level. I love the response I get when I dig deep, it’s not always easy, but certainly worth it.

This is the first time in a long time I have this rush of inspiration and passion about new things…it’s exciting and refreshing and I really am excited to change things up a bit. More to come on this starting next week, so come back on Monday to visit. Here are few things to kick off Friday morning (wasn’t going to leave you with just a ‘thank you’) –

Two shops I am loving: I can’t get enough of The Frankie Shop and Bliss & Mischief

Dining room updates coming soon, channeling this chic home tour 

I have two new shop pages: Instagram and Wishlist (you can find them at the top of the shop page)

I just got this necklace and couldn’t recommend it more. Loving it.

You know, there are some trends that I can’t be bothered with, but graphic tees are speaking to me. I used to LOVE graphic tees in high school. A&F anyone? A few guys in my art class called me Rosie all Junior year because of my: Rosie’s Reliable Landscaping tee. I also love how we used to wear sexual innuendos and not have a clue. Kind of like my first true love song: Barbie Girl… I just did not get why dad was so opposed.  Anywho, I just ordered this top because it’s the best thing since Rosie.

New favorite tumblr

I hope you have the best weekend xx

latest shopping finds…