The Most Magical Season Shift

22 September
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“Life starts all over again when it get crisp in the fall.”

If you have been reading for years, you know I live for the very moment when I’m able type out that quote. Words from my favorite book, The Great Gatsby, and so true! I have an Editor’s Note coming in next week, but couldn’t resist putting together a little visual board to get us all in the mood for the first official day of fall, the most magical season shift of them all…

I woke up this morning feeling that sense of change, without realizing it was indeed the 22nd! I mean who keeps track of what day is it anymore? I sipped my coffee in bed, scoured the webs for feel-good inspiration to share with you, and felt the crisp breeze from my open window. Now is the time to enjoy this beautiful time of year… and get excited for all of the cozy comforts ahead…

I mentioned sharing my thoughts/approach on fall shopping this year but decided to make a separate post for that one, so look for that later this week. In the meantime, I did start on a new fall/winter shop and have my fall playlist ready for you! I’ve been loving its calming, cozy vibes… and hope you do too!

So, we will dive into this topic a bit more next week, but I made a new Pinterest board that I plan to build out over the next couple of months. We need to take extra good care of ourselves this season… stay healthy, happy, inspired, comforted, and thankful.

I thought it would be fun to collect inspiring imagery, recipes to try, things to do, empowering words, cute style and home finds in one place… a way to escape when we need to and feel refueled with new perspectives, ideas, and inspiration…

Happy fall! x

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Melisa D

As always, your mood boards never disappoint. So inspiring! Thank you!


Thanks gf! The OG aspect of blogging for me. Love me some moodboarding! Happy fall!

Taylore V

Thanks for this! I’m taking an IG breather, so I appreciate your blog posts even more now, and can’t wait for more inspiration to be added to your Pinterest xx


Love that… so necessary. Good for you lady. I am so happy to hear you’re excited about blog posts. This year, especially the past few months, have made me realize that spending time here is so much better for the soul than on social media. So more to come. 🙂 Happy fall!!


I love everything about this. Fall is my favorite season and this is such a mood


Oh hello Ash! Thanks gf… I know, me too! Fall is a REAL vibe… 🙂 hope this one treats us well…


Very Inspirational.


Happy fall, Wendy! Thanks for saying hello! x