Good morning! How are we?

I always feel a bit of crunch-time-pressure at this stage of the month… the last week until we all close the laptops for a bit! Wrapping up projects, finishing up gift guides, and prepping for all the cyber sales, which feel like they get better and better each year! I always look forward to Thanksgiving and a much needed break after all the online bustlin’!

That said, I wanted to share where you can find my growing list of Black Friday / Cyber weekend sales. Each year, I will add a handful of favorite retailers and brands and will include a tightly curated list of favorites from each—in fashion, home, and sometimes beauty (if there’s a really good one). I only highlight the things I’m personally really excited about—so be sure to check back in frequently over the next two weeks as I update it daily. If you happen to see a brand sale pop up that you think is a good fit and I haven’t included it, feel free to send me a DM or email!! One other place to scroll through is my shop directory, which highlights the brands / designers I often frequent to peruse! I’ll be checking in on each of these to see which have great cyber sales!

Cheers to ticking off all our to-do’s and enjoying the season for what it is meant for! Time with loved ones. xx


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