I am beyond excited to share my new-found love of Myles Price—the most beautiful luxury meets casual label. I just know you are going to love, too!

I’m a creature of habit in many ways (can you collect from the garden backdrop these days?) and when I fall for a brand, they become a mainstay in my life. It had been a while since I discovered an everyday casual line to look to for perfect transitional pieces, and I am just so happy that Myles Price crossed my path.

They’re a new, up and coming label based in Los Angeles who create limited collections with such attention to detail and devotion to quality fabrics and cuts. I think you know me enough by now to know why this dress lit up my eyes! By far my favorite ribbed tank dress I’ve ever owned—had to get it in black as well. Their ribbed tanks (in this same style) are beyond perfect and have become a staple. Be sure to snap them up while they are still available!

Couldn’t love MP more and am so excited to follow along on their journey as I know they will do big things.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! x

I was lucky enough to get to know the brand and test out their pieces, and after falling in love with the styles/quality, decided to team up and bring this post to life. Thank you to Myles Price for letting me take part in sharing your story and beautiful collection with my readers. xx

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Hi! You look incredible in these pieces! Would love to know where your hat and sunnies are from too please : ) xx

Aw thank you, I appreciate the nice note!

The sunglasses are old Gucci and the Hat is Janessa Leoné—I have a handful of her hats and this one is a very favorite!


What size did you go w for the ribbed tank dress? Have trouble deciding as I also have a small but growing bump 🙂

Hi! I went with my true size! I actually initially ordered the black one before I knew I was pregnant and the size has been working great. I may not wear it at the very end just to avoid stretching it out, but it has been perfect for second trimester! xx