The homemakers and the hosts

This guide is for the one who is always so kind to extend their home and love of cooking, sipping, and enjoying the beauty of coming together around a table. Collector of unique tableware, cooking enthusiast, basically always in the kitchen! These items I think would hit the spot… x

Scalloped base hurricane | Spotted this recently and felt like it would be such a lovely gift. Can be used as a candle hurricane, vase, you could use the bottom scalloped base as a wine bottle coaster. Super beautiful and versatile! It comes in 2 sizes, too.

Cabana woven placemats | A longtime lover of Cabana magazine, so when they launched their shop I was very thrilled! Love to check to see what they have often and think their selection would make for a special gift. Love these placemats, I have them! They are so lovely.

Stripe fringe linen napkins | Always a thoughtful idea to gift pretty table linens. I’m personally a sucker for a stripe and/or fringe situation, so these had to live on the guide.

Marbled resin serving spoons — One of the first things that comes to mind when seeking out a great hostess gift—is unique serving spoons. Serving utensils are like the jewelry of the table!

The Maker, ‘Garden’ candle | My eyes immediately gravitated to this candle recently! You know I love a ribbed glass moment. The title Garden also spoke to me. And then of course, the reward of my curiosity was the delicious notes of mint, basil, and bergamot. I LOVE gifting my host-loving friends candles with a citrus/mint vibe happening as it’s such a therapeutic and fitting aroma for a kitchen. And then once they burn through this one, it makes for a beautiful little vase, makeup brush holder, or home for q-tips!

Scribe Pinot Noir | I feel like this has been on the gift guides for a few years in a row. Scribe is so universally loved and always feels like such a treat. Even someone who has been in their wine club for seven years now… I still get excited when a friend brings a bottle over. You can’t go wrong with any of their wines!

Fish water pitcher | My favorite restaurant in wine county, Charter Oak, have these pitchers! A couple of years ago while there for my birthday, I ended up tracking one down and ordered it on the spot. It’s a fun and quirky, conversation-type piece for the table!

Farmhouse wood cutting board | This board is so classic and swoon-worthy! I cannot wait until we have a brand new kitchen, going to stock up on things like this!

Wooden serving spoons | a classic style — always handy to have a fresh set on hand!

Brass peppermill  | A beautiful stove side piece to use and make you smile on the daily. I love mine! I also really love this one.

Cut out tray | Adore the shape cut out of this tray. Another thing that is so versatile and for sure would be well-loved and used in one way or another.

Splatterware footed bowl | You know my love of splatterware… this footed bowl is on my list. The perfect counter statement for citrus…


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