Summer Sale Favorites

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Ok so I had to share with you yesterday I was having a totally blue day a trip I was planning fail through and it so funny I was reading your blog and I saw the picnic checklist post and I was like I’m just going to go outside and make my own little retreat with the pup and I can’t tell you enough of how refreshing that was just to take in my surroundings and just enjoy the now 🙂 it just made my day so much better and plus I ended up on the shopping tap as well and order so many good things thanks to you and I see I’m going to be doing a little more retail therapy today lol! But thank you so much for showing us we can find joy and peace even in the backyard 🙂


Awww this is the sweetest. That makes me so happy to hear, Meri. Glad that your day was turned around, that’s the best feeling when you realize you have the opportunity to shift perspective on the spot… love it. Happy shopping and have the best week! xx


Hi Ashley! Love your green swimsuit in the photo. Can you please provide a link or the brand if it’s an older style so I can find something similar? It’s too cute on you!
Thanks for posting such fun content lately.