The Big Change

“And suddenly you know… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings…”

This has been a long time coming, well for the past six months or so. We’ve swapped in my name for BoC. I remember a time in my life, where blogging was kind of looked at as nerdy/a little out there, and when put in the position to talk about mine, I’d shy away from elaborating. For the past eight years, this space has given me something to pour my heart and energy into, and eventually, I got to a point where I was proud to say out loud, my blog is called Brunch on Chestnut (tear).

I can’t believe how much this space has changed me as a person, has changed my life, has opened so many doors. Blogging has been the one consistent passion project that I’ve wholeheartedly stuck with and is proof that good things come with time. I am so fueled, so excited to work on this every single day, and that’s when you know it’s something special, something that will live on for a long time.

The name change idea came last year. For a long time, when I would run into readers out and about people would ask, “are you Brunch on Chestnut?”. It has defined me in a way, but I’ve been okay with that because I am really proud of what I’ve built. But the past year or so, things have changed. It’s twofold really. I feel like I know myself better than I ever have… I am more in-tune with my direction and voice. And also, through the years I’ve cultivated this incredible community of people, where we chat and speak to each other on a first-name basis. You all feel like friends and it’s the best.

Blogging used to be more of a private creative outlet, and it’s become this great, big inspiring conversation. I’ve never felt more comfortable opening up and just being myself, so I was ready for change and growth. I’m excited, and I hope you are too!

Thank you so much for following along. It means the most xx


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