Serena and Lily Scallop Side Table. A reader put this on my radar—clearly she must be one to know my ways! In their product pages they have this styled as a nightstand (love that), but I envision it being so cute in a bathroom to hold towels / a little lamp / bathroom bits or in a nursery alongside a nursing chair (mulling over this idea myself)!


Ffferrone Low Tulip Glasses. Can my girl do no wrong? I’ve been collecting her pieces for a few years and I truly don’t know how she continues to do it!! I have an endless love of Fferrone and think I always will. Love these so much.


Sophie Buhai Heart Ring. So, since I found out the baby is a girl… it has brought on a whole new side of me, I swear it. I have NEVER been a pink girl and have never had the desire to buy a heart piece of jewelry… but here we are. I mean, it’s Sophie Buhai and she can do no wrong. I told you, in it to add some fun pieces to my jewelry collection!


Terrain Fluted Terracotta Planter. Lastly, I just got this planter and it is the absolute cutest! I had to order a few more because they are too good. It’s fluted… it’s terracotta… it’s a no-brainer! Had to share. xx

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