Things of Note 5.7.21



So happy to introduce you to a new sustainable shopping service called Olive that I recently discovered and got to try out. Olive houses hundreds of brands and retailers (Matches Fashion, The Webster, Saks—to name a few!) and consolidate and ship your order to you cardboard-free. Returns are incredibly easy, as well as scheduling a pickup to send back their reusable shippers.

You simply download their app or Chrome extension and your purchases will be consolidated into a single tote. Making product returns and sending the shipper back is just as seamless—you schedule a time on their app and can leave the bag on your doorstep.

SO refreshing to know that in utilizing Olive, we are being sustainable but also for me—not having to deal with breaking down boxes and disposing of all the plastic and packaging is a really convenient and life-changing aspect…

Going to link their about page for an even further breakdown of how they work if you’d like to read!

A few things I recently got in my Olive shipper: towel from The Webster, sweater set from Free People, and this initial necklace from Matches Fashion.


A Glass Maker on Etsy

I recently discovered this gem of an Etsy shop and shared with my studio members, and had to make note on my site as well since he has been busy making more of these little bud vases to go around. They’ve been so well loved! I also adore my new wine glasses and this hurricane. Such a fan of Tuck!


Cultiver Linen Napkins

Cultiver was actually the very first linen bedding brand we tried and have since remained a very favorite. Their fabric is just so luxe and lovely. This napkin is from their latest Cara collection made from European flax in the olive color… so beautiful.


Ashley Kane Studio

I wanted to make a quick note that I will be pausing new members from joining starting next Friday 5/14. I add and set everyone up manually myself, but I need to step away in the weeks leading up to my due date as I plan to decompress a bit more! I did want to mention (because someone asked) that it doesn’t mean content will come to a halt there. I will continue to share as I feel up for it in the weeks leading up to baby girl. I also have decided that once she is here, I am placing no expectations or pressure on myself to work—feeling this whole new unknown world out and will get back into the swing of things when it feels right. Creating/sharing is such a big part of who I am… and I am sure I will be excited to get back to it as it’s a way for me to feel like myself again.

A few happenings as of late over at the studio: lots of vintage roundups (we have everything saved on a secret Pinterest board), community finds, home design chats on our private community forum (this forum has been so incredibly lovely… everyone is so resourceful and helpful!), some of my go-to resources and design muses, and we just started chatting style things as well. I have everything saved to highlights right now, too, so when you join you can have a fun catch up session!

I’m so grateful for the community I have cultivated at AK Studio, it has been such a joy to pour my heart into. I am looking at the AK Studio venture as a way to share a little more openly and offer perspective into my life, design, and personal style. We kicked things off with a focus on interiors, but after a while, I recently (and with some requests from members) decided to open the curtain up to more of me and my life. I am looking at this membership as a deeper dive into my process and philosophy—to make living itself an art. Also thinking of it as Instagram’s “close friends” group. I prioritize getting back to my DM’s here and helping with on the surface design and style solutions, and honestly it’s just lovely to chat and stay connected this way to my close-knit readers!

I would say this space is for those who have been following for awhile and who are wanting to connect a bit more, get to know me and my process, and who are interested in curating a home and closet that you love. It’s not a template/guide/how-to for other creators, it’s a community of kindred souls who love to learn about living with style and intention. Would love to have you if you’re interested! You can sign up here. xx


The Summer Shop

I launched a new summer shop (also can be found on my menu under the “shop” tab) and plan to continue to build it out the next month or so (and beyond when I have time!) to collect gems from around the web. I really can’t wait to be able to fit into my normal clothes again and shop for new fun finds, so enjoy these pieces for me!

That’s all I got for now… as always, I save a bunch to my Things of Note Shop here! x


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