Things of Note | December ’18

14 December

I am hoping to change things up a bit with this month’s ‘Finer Things’– if you’re up for it, that is! I love these posts as I get to share cool, top of mind things, and I thought it would be so fun if you guys shared something (in the comment section at the bottom of the post), too! Anything from a new loved purchase to a beauty product you came across, a book you’re reading, an article that spoke to you, a podcast you’re listening to. The sky is the limit.

It’ll be like a fun, inspiring discovery forum in the comments that we can all check out and learn from each other. Totally up to you, but would love to see this series turn into a bigger conversation! That said, here are a few things of note on my end–


So excited to share ‘The Shop’ by Shopbop on Amazon! It looks so beautiful and makes Shopbop browsing just a little bit more dangerous (because I look at Amazon as Target and pop by for 1 little thing and leave with 10).


I always eye Anine Bing things, as I love her graphic tees and sweatshirts (I got this one earlier in the spring) and have become a big fan of her jackets, too. When I saw this red and black check jacket, I bumped it to #1 winter wardrobe priority and it just arrived in the mail.


I stumbled upon Home & Garden UK on Instagram and it is the best follow EVER. I got lost in all the beauty. So much interior inspiration and garden goals. Highly recommend taking a peek! (featured image is borrowed from them FYI)


I recently discovered Noémie, a fine jewelry brand that has been praised by the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. They have such beautiful pieces, some in which are aligned with the wedding band style I’m thinking about, but also perfect everyday jewelry. I fell in love with their petite diamond band ring, which is arriving today as an early Christmas present.


SO excited to tell you about a few new things around my blog!!! I am sure you know this about me by now if you visit often, but I love website design. Graphic design inspired me from a very young age, back when I would collect pretty editorial clippings from my mom’s magazines in middle school. I am always changing things up and it brings me happiness to create a space that feels fresh, beautiful and easy to navigate. I think user experience is so important, but also it’s just fun for me to tinker with things and inject my style not only to posts but to all of the details throughout every page. I want my blog to feel unique and inspiring, so I hope you like it as much as I do. That said, I’ve been having a heyday creating a few handy pages. My ‘Home Shop‘, ‘Style Shop‘, and the new ‘Amazon Shop‘. The Amazon Shop is serving as gift ideas now, but I decided to keep it around past the holidays as it’s one of my top shopping resources. Anytime I come across a new coffee table book, they always have it. Beauty products I am always restocking. Candles! When in doubt, Amazon.



I shared a bunch of holiday gift ideas in this post, too, if you’re still shopping!


I just got this mascara and it is the best I’ve come across in a really long time! ‘Major Volume’ is quite accurate.


Okay, one last thing while I have you! I was thinking about maybe expanding my newsletters to go out twice a week instead of once. I would dedicate one to a midweek inspiration pick-me-up with lots of inspiring links, discoveries, etc. and then the other one over the weekend recapping blog stuff and other fun updates. My list has grown a lot this year and I don’t want it to feel like overkill, but I think it’s a nice way to keep in touch. Let me know thoughts! And if you haven’t signed up and would like to, you can right here. x


What have you discovered lately that you are so excited about??



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