Thoughtful Details for Turkey Day

Ideating a dinner menu, flower arranging, and creating a perfect ambiance for a gathering can be so easy and therapeutic. Thoughtful planning and a few small details go a very long way. My friend and I hosted an intimate Friendsgiving last night, and I thought it would be fitting to share a few tips since our night was a big success and Thanksgiving is coming up quickly!

Glowy Ambiance

You know I love me a dimmed room with candles flickering. This kind of moody scene just screams holidays to me. There’s nothing more warm and fuzzy than a golden tinged room filled with people you love and the smell of hearty food cooking. We decided to lower the lights, let golden hour speak for itself, and once the sun set, had one small lamp on, and lit a whole bunch of candles. Votives, pillars, candlesticks– light a few in the background and of course, on the table as well.


I like to keep the tablescape pretty simple and effortless. A loose, festive floral arrangement (I showed this photo to my friend Ladan who owns Le Bouquet, and she put this together for me. She is the best), simple settings, neutral linen tablecloth and napkins (very fall), and charming glassware. My friend found these beautiful gold-rimmed champagne flutes at Goodwill!

I (always) love incorporating crystal–pieces that feel French and vintage just make a simple tablescape feel elevated and special. The way the light bounces off the crystal edges is just such an enchanting touch.


My fall playlist is perfect for background music (if I do say so myself) while prepping dinner and enjoying a meal with friends and family. I have been adding a bunch as of late in prep for our Thanksgiving week, so we can just relax and tune in!


Matt and I are heading to Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving with my future in-laws, who always put together the most delicious spread. I was telling him how it would be fun to start a new tradition where he and I make something that day to contribute! They have their turkey day menu and routine down, but I thought it would be nice to try/taste test a few recipes before Thanksgiving and pick one we love to share. Something unique each year to add to the table. Think Thanksgiving classics with a twist! A few ideas I have below:

Scalloped Potatoes (we have tried this recipe and it’s so good!)
Sweet Mashed Potatoes
Herbed Feta Biscuits


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