So, this week made a comeback. Feeling a lot better — because for the most part, G is on the mend! We started sleep training and she’s doing so well. Since she was born she has been a great self-soother, I just think this past month of teething/getting her first cold made her forget how. On a good roll right now!

I’ve had a nice little routine each morning (thanks to my hubby for giving me some alone time to start my day!). Ideally wake up before Grace, hot lemon water while I do my morning writing, run to Pete’s (I ran out of my espresso pods so it’s been a happy excuse to cave to a caramel latte until new pods arrive), get in a quick workout when I get home, take Scout on a walk while listening to a podcast, and a shower before I dive into mama mode / juggling work during nap time!

Can’t tell you how much this kind of morning ritual impacts me. Leaves me feeling uplifted, positive, productive, energized, grounded.

Anyway, felt like saying hi and making note of my current uniform. A little big of lounge, a little bit of “I’ve got my shit together (ish)”. x

P.s. A good listen / podcast episode I listened to today while gardening on how getting outside in natural light for 20 mins every morning is so important!

Toteme wrap knit jacket
Velvet crew tee
Lululemon Align Leggings 


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