Winter Playlist

2 December

I used to share monthly playlists on my blog a few years ago, and I decided I wanted to bring it back into the mix. Monthly may be a little optimistic, but thinking seasonally or when I happen to curate a noteworthy playlist that I think you may like. This epiphany was also a great excuse to start fresh on Spotify. I curated a playlist called “Winter” with a bunch of songs I have on repeat as of lately – you can follow along with my playlists here. So get cozy and have a listen!

Adele is obviously on there. “Hello” quickly became my favorite song just moments after being captivated by her voice on a recent road trip. Not a surprise. Hearing that song for the first time was a memorable moment. She is just so damn good. Another absolute favorite artist of mine who you’ll recognize on the playlist is Hozier. I’ve been a fan for a long time now, and seeing him in person this past year was dreamy. I would recommend you get tickets if he comes to your town! If you follow me on snapchat (brunchsnaps), you’re familiar with my daily routine of Hozier on vinyl.

One more teaser of a new song I am loving is by Great Big World, called Oasis. All of the songs are beautiful, laid back, and are perfect for an evening after work while you cook with wine, a cozy holiday get together, or even a road trip/traveling to visit family in a few weeks. I hope you enjoy!

What are your current favorite songs? Lets be friends on Spotify, I love discovering gems on there. 🙂 x


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