Holidays have meant a lot more over the past year—don’t you think? Savoring celebrations of any kind as a way to treat ourselves and our loved ones through a more challenging season of life. Talk of Valentine’s Day began popping up a week or so ago and I decided to join in on the fun.

To be honest, Matt and I have always had a very low key VDAY. Albeit, I must say, our first Valentine’s together (precisely 3 weeks after our first date) is when I began to fall in love with him… guess that wasn’t very low key.

We usually opt for a pizza and nice bottle of wine, but this year, I decided that he deserves some extra lovin’. Especially with everything he has done for me over the last 4 or so months while pregnant. Namely being my rock and helping to calm me down throughout the rough first trimester—all of the weak moments when feeling so sick and pep talking me through a lot of tears. And not a day has gone by since I’ve been pregnant where he hasn’t tickled my back (my favorite) to help me fall asleep. I really can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for him, for many reasons, but through this experience, he has gone above and beyond for our family.

I got him something special from MR.PORTER that I’m really excited for him to open up, so I will keep it a secret as he may read this post! But, I thought I would share some contenders and ideas in general for your man friends…


1. Button up shirt — a nice new button up shirt never hurt.

2. Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm — Matt isn’t a big cologne guy (I’ve tried) but I bought him this a while back and OMG it smells SO GOOD! It’s better than cologne. Every time I smell it I am whisked away into a happy place. So this is basically a gift to me, too, haha!

3. Linen and leather flask — I mean, I feel like gentlemen enjoy a cheeky flask so why not make it handsome as ever?

4. Rayban sunnies — a classic. Just such a dapper style for the dudes.

5. A fancy razor — I love swapping out a plain, basic product for something with a little more charm and quality. Especially items used a lot! It makes rituals much more fun.

6. Paddle boards — something fun to help look forward to the warm months ahead…

7. Cozy timeless scarf — gifting something like this that will last forever is always a good idea.

8. Slippers — my husband is a slipper freak… in case you’re wondering why no gift guide “for him” publishes without a pair!

9. Playing card holder — to be honest, I want this for myself. I would never think to need or buy this but it’s genius! *WE need it.

10. A nice leather wallet — if your guy needs an upgrade, this one is so good.


There’s always a bit more of a romantic / feminine theme when putting a VDAY guide together for the ladies… a flirty new PJ set or cute new undies. Chocolate, wine, jewelry… okay and maybe a new wallet. Some favorite finds below…

1. Gold and pearl necklace — love Alighieri, this is a favorite necklace of theirs.

2. Silk set — clichés are cliché for a reason… add a nice nighty this VDay!

3. Gold and pearl earrings — because this combo is timeless and so striking, I can’t get enough!

4. Chic panties — I got a pair from Fleur du Mal last year as a treat to myself and they are so beautiful. This style is gorgeous.

5. Cozy kimono robe — always a fun gift to open, equal parts special and practical.

6. Jo Malone London perfume — this has been my very favorite perfume of JML for a long time now, it’s SO lovely.

7. Leather wallet — as you may know, I am obsessed with Bottega Veneta leather. Sadly my wallet has been sold out for a long time, but this one is so beautiful!

9. Jasmin candle — a delicious scented candle is always well-received!

10. Highlighter powder — a makeup bag staple is also a fun VDay idea. This is a favorite in my makeup bag!

11. Everyday lipstick — another simple and fun things to open, a new nice lipstick…


thoughts, ideas, questions...

Hi!!! I can’t dm you to ask, but where is this small picture frame from in your Valentine’s Day post? I think it’s the perfect little something for my fiancé!

Hi Anne!

Yes, I turn off direct replies every so often as I get quite a lot and trying to strike a good balance leading up to the baby’s arrival. It’s nice to have that question out in the open here, too, so others can see as well! So thank you for reaching out!

The frame is a vintage find, I recommend stalking Etsy for vintage frames, lots of fun options out there. xx

Thank you so much! Congrats on the bundle of joy and new home. So happy for you!!