Wedding Guest Dresses

31 March

The season of ‘I do’s’ has arrived and I’ve relinquished my bad habit of waiting last minute to shop for wedding guest dresses. It’s not very often where I can throw on a chiffon dress and a decadent smoky eye – weddings are a time to put thought into a weekend wardrobe and feel beautiful in every piece you pack. 

Luckily for all of us, the abundance of fantastic finds are endless this year, but I made it easier for you and picked out my top favorites (a couple in which I now own), and thought I would share the wealth! I have to say, it feels a hell of a lot better to know what I am wearing weeks ahead of time, and feel excited to put on my new dress! Below are a handful of favorites that are approved for the big day. //





My dress in the image above (so in love with it). Where do you shop for dresses? If you have a few solid go-to’s for dresses like these, I’d love to know… we have 4 weddings this year and I’ve only planned for 2 so far. 🙂

latest shopping finds…