During busy season, I’ve always looked to *so much* girlfriend time weekly—fun wine dates and friends over to my place for dinner. The pandemic has made things a lot more unique in many ways, but busy season { for me } has never felt lonelier. I think between moving away from the city and walking distance to a few friends, covid, and being pregnant… I find myself missing my social life so much. Although M is home, he is so preoccupied and working non-stop, so while it’s nice to have him around and be able to have meals with him, I am still on my own much of the time. The countdown is on, though… we are so close!

One other thing that is interesting. Since, we moved in at the end of November, it’s been a bit of whirlwind from nesting, to holidays, and then M going straight into the new year with long work hours. He was saying how he hasn’t had the *time* to fully enjoy our new home to the fullest, or even to soak in the fact that we are about to be parents in a few short months. When he sees me and feels her kicks, it still all feels so surreal to him. We were chatting this weekend about how we’re so excited for when we can shift back into our normal rhythm, enjoy our home, and start working on our baby to do list together! Lots of backyard BBQ hangs, baby book sessions, a few classes we plan to take, and enjoying each other before her arrival in June.

I mentioned on stories how I noticed that my hormones (that seemed to ease up on me in the second trimster) are back in action. It’s nuts how much you start to get to know your body on a deeper level in pregnancy! I noticed the day when things began to shift a bit (also swear my stomach got so much bigger overnight, too!)… and I am starting to feel a little more tired and achey. So I’ve been putting my energy into writing, editing photos, emails, and getting work projects organized in the mornings while I am feeling fresh! Midday I start to hit a wall and well, 3pm loungewear has been happening. It’s true what everyone says—you just have to listen to your body and go with the flow of every phase.

That’s it, really! More pregnancy updates coming soon… but for now, here is our weekend in pictures…

When we were house hunting last summer, we discovered Pizza Antica and fell in love. It was the first restaurant we dined at in our new area and it remains a favorite and weekly go-to now for pizza Friday! This is their potato/caramelized onion/truffle pizza that is so delicious and we also usually order the marg, too, as we love a classic.

I’ve been relishing Saturday mornings. We make our coffees and breakfast and are always drawn to come sit in the living room and hang for a bit, the light that leaks in is so gorgeous. I think ever since we’ve moved in we’ve done this on the weekend and each time one of us says—I can’t believe we live here! This room is just really special.

This vase is one of my most treasured vintage pieces by Barovier. I have fallen in love with their beautiful creations over the year, I spoke about it a bit more in this post last year.

After breakfast, Matt went back to his laptop and I spent some time in our garden. Pretty small assortment of greenery at the moment, but I finally got around to planting my camellia and she *appears* to be thriving, but I am keeping a close eye since I am such a newbie! Not gonna lie, I have already killed a few things… luckily I’ve uncovered that camellias are quite resilient which is the best news!

Later on, we hung on our grass for a bit — Matt opened some Scribe rosé and me? I just keep keepin’ on with my limonata for the time being! 🙂 Wearing a new favorite sweatshirt from Novel Mart — a reader introduced me and I love them now! I also had to order the Pinot Noir and Pet-Nat sweatshirts while at it. They’re those delicious classic crews with the super soft insides, too. Such good quality, highly recommend taking a peek if you want a cheeky crew!

Sunnies are my long-time favorites by Celine, chairs are Serena & Lily, pants are from Golden Edit last season.

Sunday, we drove over to our new favorite French cafe in Walnut Creek and brought a few things home for a picnic. It was SO enjoyable! Such a fun outing that really filled up our tanks. We haven’t been going out much (covid and M’s work situation), so this was just what we needed as a little taste of how the warmer months ahead can look! Plus, pretending you’re in Europe is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA… 🙂 I hope you had a good one, too!

The cutie quilt is by Amanda Lindroth, by the way! x